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Working from home can be great but sometimes we all just need a change of scenery. Our directory helps you to find welcoming places close to you where you can work.

Bike Parking? Pet-friendly? wi-fi? Coffee? Just select what you need to make the working day fly by.

Need Guaranteed Space?

Look out for venues which allow you to reserve space. Public spaces are typically seats or tables which can be reserved such as the public area of a bar of cafe or hotel lobby. Private spaces are bookable for those more important meetings.

Look for the booking icon, make your reservation and wait for the confirmation.

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It only takes a few minutes to list your business on Hubbit. Simply sign up and then choose ‘Edit Profile’ if you are a freelancer, or ‘Edit Venue’ if you are a venue owner.


Hubbit is designed to easily allow you to add your services, be they freelancer skills, or venue facilities and opening times. Updates are instantly listed and marketed to our members and beyond.


Its simple to add special offers to help market your business to our members. Venue owners can also rent out seats & tables by the hour, if they wish, at the touch of a button. See FAQ’s for details.

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Help your fellow freelancers by validating the facilities on offer at your local venues, adding reviews and ratings. Together we can find every great venue in the country!

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Would you like to help out your local venues? If you know of a great local place where you can work informally then simply click ‘Recommend Venue’ and we will add as soon as possible!

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Freelancers and venues can add special offers. Venues can also rent out guaranteed seating. Click on these services where you see them and take advantage of some great deals!



Most frequent questions and answers

Hubbit exists to make it easy for remote workers find interesting places to work, wherever they are. If you welcome informal working then we are happy to list your venue. Some example venues are:

  • cafes
  • pubs & bars
  • hotel lobbies / business areas
  • co-working spaces
  • private offices
  • home offices

In many cases, Hubbit may already list your venue if data is publicly available. 

If your venue is already listed, open its details and click on the ‘CLAIM VENUE’ button. Follow the instructions to claim your venue and update its listing.

If your venue does not already exist then Sign Up to create your account and click on ‘Add/Edit My Venue’ to add your venue. Instructions how to do this can be found on our Youtube channel.

All basic listings are FREE. All we ask in return is that you keep your listing current with up-to-the-date information.

Paid for features will be clearly labeled as such and will always be designed as optional ‘opt-in’ extras.

If you are a freelancer, you can add your services to your profile and we will advertise it in our Community.

For larger businesses, please contact us on and see our Partnership FAQ below.

If you are a freelancer, you can add your services to your profile and we will advertise it in our Community.

For larger businesses, please contact us on and see our Partnership FAQ below.

Hubbit allows you to let out space in your Venue at the touch of a button.

Once you have added your venue, click on ‘Add/Edit Space’ in the settings menu. This allows you to set the details of your space, add an image and so forth.

Hubbit Members can book via the website and you will receive an email confirmation of the booking. 

If you would like to charge for your space then you can add the cost in your details. All payments & Terms & Conditions will be handled directly between yourselves and the Customer.

Please contact with any questions.

We are actively looking for partners who provide services that would be of interest to freelancers and remote workers.

If you offer services which may be of interest (such as legal, financial, equipment, consultancy), please contact us on

No. If you are just browsing our directory, no account is needed. 

However, if you would like to reserve a table or add yourself, your business or venue to our listings then an account is necessary.